A Behind the Scenes Look Into the Film Production Industry

When most people thing of movies, they give actors most of the credit, but it takes a huge film production crew to make every movie a success. From lighting to costumes to special effects, it takes many components in combination for every film, so earning a degree to work in one of the background roles might be a great option if you are interested in working in this industry. So what is film production all about? Let’s take a behind the scenes look into the film industry and the jobs you can hold with this type of degree.

Create the Scene – Pre-Production Jobs

It takes more than good acting to get an audience involved in a scene. The entire mood has to be right, whether the characters are on a Civil War battlefield or a far-off planet hundreds of years in the future. Before the actors ever get to set, pre-production staff members get to work creating the parts of the scene needed to bring it to life. Workers are needed in several areas, including:

  • Set creation
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Script writing
  • Casting

Depending on the film, workers might also be needed to make models, work with actors on dialects, ensure historical accuracy, and more.

Production Jobs

The leader of the entire production is the director, and depending on the scene, other workers might be necessary as well. Cinematographers set the scene and make sure the mood is exactly what the director wants. Camera operators and assistants shoot the scenes or set up cameras for extreme shots. Gaffers deal with lighting, working closely with the director of photographer. A sound crew, including technicians, boom operators, and more, make sure you can hear everything going on during a movie.

Along with actors, scenes may also need extras, stunt doubles, and animated characters, drawn by artists. During the production, people who worked on the film in its pre-production stage are also typically busy making adjustments as needed.

Post-Production Jobs

After a film is shot, it goes into post production. This is where the shot scenes are edited together, special effects and CGI pieces are added, and sound effects are added and edited. Workers are also needed in marketing, advertising, sales, event planning, and other fields to help ensure that the film is promoted and successful.

Top Online Film Production Schools

Full Sail University — The BS in Digital Cinematography degree from Full Sail University intertwines the concepts of traditional filmmaking with the technological tools of today. The MS in Education Media Design & Technology gears you for work teaching media at the secondary level, while the MFA in Media Design provides advanced training in designing using a variety of media components.
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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — The Art Institute of Pittsburgh provides students with a dynamic program, the Bachelor of Science - Media Arts & Animation. The curriculum focuses on design, illustration, compositing, 3-D computer modeling, background design, scenic layout, and special effects. The institute is known worldwide for graduating proven leaders ready to succeed. Graduates work as animators, 3-D modelers, and graphic artists.
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